Abergavenny Food Festival 2012

Cornelia O’Donovan RCA – A Plate for Dandelion Flowers – pencil & gouache 59 x 42cm

Rachel Eardley –  Tunnocks Teacake – hand drawn ceramic plate

James Burnett-Stuart – Scalloped Big Bowl – earthenware

Come and enjoy our celebration, starting on Saturday 15th outside our shop in our pop-up painting studio with Kumar Saraff, who will be painting and drawing from a still-life table of delicious foods. Come and observe a Royal Academy Schools trained artist at work.

At 1pm there will be live music by Carmina, “a superb mix of jazz, folk and celtic crossover music – taking the audience on a bewitching journey full of melodic grace and inventiveness – a brilliant band superbly fronted by vocalist Pippa Marland and guitarist Rob King” (Jack McGouran, Guinness Jazz Festival).

Our Food Festival Exhibitions this year are…

A Theatre of Platesartist decorated vintage ceramics

A Dinner Set for an Imaginary Banquet – A small exhibition of works on paper by Cornelia O’Donovan RCA (see 1st image above)

Beautiful and Damned – photographs by Camilla Broadbent  

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