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DCF 1.0

Fairy by Rozie Keogh

We are closed over the Christmas holiday for our annual break and will re-open on…

Tuesday 7th January 2014

We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014 with a new programme of exhibitions, workshops, events and some exciting new ventures…

angel 2 1

Carved shed antler bird by Matt Caines, Russian Doll after Velasquez by Philippa Robbins, cards by Alexis Snell & Cornelia O’Donovan RCA

angel 51

Earthenware plate by Dylan Bowen, silver bangles by Michele Wyckoff Smith, signed boxed set Mabinogion Series by Seren Press


icons 1

Traditionally painted icons by Frances Green, small tin nicho painting by Philippa Robbins

back room 11

Earthenware ceramics by James Burnett Stuart

window 21

Painting by Cornelia O’Donovan RCA, automaton by Rachel Larkins

syann silk route necklace 1

Silk Route Necklace. Silver, red silk with polyester core for strength £ 392

Just arrived… stunning new collection by Syann van Niftrik.

Born in South Africa, Syann originally trained as a ceramic designer. She moved to the Netherlands setting up her first jewellery studio in 1971.  A visiting lecturer on the BA Jewellery course at Central St. Martin’s, London, she also mentors students.

‘My early years were passed in Africa with unmistakable rhythms, textures and hues. I breathed it in deeply winding it freely into my northern birth right. My work draws freely from my environment without being representational. This together with a need to make a piece that sits on and moves comfortably with the body is what I seek to do.’

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Winter Food Fair 2

Hand-made crackers. Kits available – add your gift and embellish.

We are open on Sunday 8th December from 10am-4pm to celebrate the Abergavenny Christmas Food & Drink Fair.

Stock up on all your Christmas foods – fresh and cured meats, cheeses and chocolates, cakes and desserts, wines, liqueurs and more… from over 90 producers.

Come and visit our festive display in the market hall. A table decked with hedgerow gathered berries, twigs and branches; gilded walnuts and leaves threaded with gold; unique hand-made crackers; delicious Christmas delights and exquisite ceramics by contemporary makers. Personalise your festivities…