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We think these screen-printed notecards by Tara are exquisite!

They feature images from the book ‘The Night Life of Trees’Each pack contains 10 cards of  4 designs printed onto black handmade paper. They are created in the Gond tribal art style from Central India.

‘In Gond belief, trees stand in the middle of life, and the spirit of many things lie in them. They are busy all day, giving shade and support and shelter and food to all. Only when night falls can they find rest for themselves, and then, under quiet dark skies, the spirits that live in them are revealed.’ 

Created by three of the finest living artists of the Gond tradition, these are a tribute to the majesty of trees, and to old ways of relating to the natural world.


valentines 11Wrappings by… John Derian, Arthouse, Jessie Chorley, Cornelia O’Donovan RCA & Caius Shaw RCA

Hand-printed, stitched cards by Cornelia O’Donovan RCAFor You, With Love


‘Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils’ by Ann Swan

The Art Shop Botanical Starter Kit – perfect for beginners

Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook – smooth Fabriano Accademia drawing paper 200gsm in stitched sections

‘Hollywood Unseen’ by Dance Robert. Showcasing an extraordinary collection of hidden photographic gems from Hollywood film studios of the 20’s -50’s

window 11John Derian & Co  pins, postcards & wrap

Prestel’s ‘The Green Florilegium’ – with 400 illustrations

Assortments of ribbons, garlands & lots more…

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John Derian Cards

A selection of John Derian postcards

John Derian Wrappings
Wrappings by John Derian, Frederica, Wrap & Khadi

Bright burnt oranges, cerises, violets, scarlets and many more colours. We have chosen papers from all around the world – Indian Loktas, fine Bhutanese, soft Mulberry and Japanese Sanwa (flecked with silver and gold).

We mix them together with multi-coloured zingy sheets of tissue papers.

For the first time we are showing the quirky, divine John Derian wrapping papers- patterned, illustrative and good enough to frame. Give to those who appreciate beautiful papers, not throw away papers, but the ones to cherish and use again and again…

We have attached John Derian’s postcards to lengths of ribbon to hang from our mantle-shelf and from a jug of winter twigs. If you want to post one, we have made glassine envelopes, stuck down with a golden star. (We have tried every pen in the shop on glassine paper and they all work).

ribbons 2

Ribbons– velvet, satin, grosgrain, twine & leaf


Our Circus window for ‘Where the Wonderful Happens